Analysis Of The World By William Wordsworth

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Published in 1807, William Wordsworth reflects the many voices such as his attitude and values towards the Industrial Revolution and how it was a big turning point in history. This inevitable transition included going from hand production methods to machines. Wordsworth has described the world as being too overwhelming, for example instead of appreciating beautiful events such as the moon shining over the ocean; people began to use all their energy on being concerned about time and money. Technology and modernization effect this poem as ‘The World’ in fact has become advanced for us to handle; cities have increased in size, merchandise has become for sale, Blake implies that the advancement has a heavy price. Wordsworth’s tone of the poem created an effect of depression and sadness; the poem is elegiac, the speaker is ‘forlon’. William Wordsworth conveys the new progress of machines, contrasting the stress of the importance of nature and its importance to society.
The World is too much for us; late and soon,
Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers
The poem begins with complaint, referring to how people are lowering themselves with consumerism. The ‘World’ indicates the natural world instead of the city, in which means that humanity is to diligent, no one realises the loss of the natural world by the industrialisation, ‘it’s too much’. It may also refer to how the mankind has upset a delicate balance, with the change and impacts from the Industrial Revolution,

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