Analysis Of They DonT Care About Us By Michael Jackson

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Music allows an artist to give those whose voice may not be loud enough to be heard. Their music can cover any issue of poverty, discrimination, segregation, people of color, oppression, and etc. The lyrics are the key part to get any point across but also any footage that accompanies gives the viewer more of an insight into these issues. Many artist/bands like Bob Dylan, Fort Minor, Joyner Lucas, Hurray for the Riff Raff, and Michael Jackson address many issues the class talked about and the point of view of those who are viewed as minorities. The music these artists and bands produce gives the listener an idea of what exactly is happening in the world and what has happened. Each song individually covers the importance that we, as humans, must change the way we think and act and listen to the problems others have and even if it does not affect us. Michael Jackson has always been one to be proud of being African American and more likely to choose to be interviewed by African American reporters. He has several songs that discuss race, segregation, and discrimination that comes for people of color. I picked “They Don’t Care About Us” by Michael Jackson because of the message it produces to the audience. There are two music videos that were produced to accompany the song, one filmed in Brazil, showing the poverty and the other is filmed in a prison setting. The prison version music video captures the essence of the lyrics, it starts off with the caption, “This

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