Analysis Of This Land Is Your Land, By Woody Guthrie

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“This land is your land” is one of the most famous song ever made. It was written and performed by Woody Guthrie in 1940. It has become a very iconic American song that is learned in school and performed by many famous artists. What is not known is, the true meaning of the song and what Woody Guthrie message he was trying to portray in his song. To most Americans they think of the song as a patriotic song , or the song that almost became our national anthem, but there is a deeper meaning to the patriotic lyrics we all know. Guthrie wrote the song as a protest song to protest the working class should have same rights as the rich, and america's lack of empathy for those in poverty, and there should be more done for those struggling in the working class and poverty. He believes America would thrive under a communist regime, where everyone is equal and make the same amount of money no matter how hard they work or how much they produce. All business and lands would be owned by the government and not the people as well. In other words, it's about how America should follow a communist regime cause to Guthrie, things were not going well under a democracy. The song is not about communism, rather tell about all the struggles for those in poverty and the working class and a communist way can solve it. It can be viewed from a non-communists point of view but Guthrie intentions for the song was to support communism so everyone is equal. Woody Guthrie was born in Oklahoma in 1912.

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