Analysis Of Tim O ' Brien 's The Things They Carried Essay

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Tj Perry
Damian Anderson
Josh Bohn
English Period 7

Mr. Baxtor (Tj Perry): Host
Sergeant Wilson (Damian Anderson): Con
John Bender History Teacher (Joshua Bohn):Pro
To Ban or not to Ban : The Things They Carried
Host: Hello and welcome to ban or not to ban, where the nations most exciting topics are discussed between opposing parties. Today we 're debating whether or not to ban “Tim O 'Brien 's novel The Things They Carried. In this book author Tim O’Brien depicts the Vietnam conflict by distinguishing between the role of whether or not to be a civilian or a soldier. Though the book is fictional, Tim O’Brien portrays himself as a man who struggles with himself inside and his choice of wanting to join the army or turn tail and run to Canada. Tim O 'Brien has won the national book award, the james fenimore cooper prize for best historical fiction, and the Dayton Literary Peace Prize and many more for his other books, but is The Things They Carried too controversial? This book is controversial because of its use of profanity and its descriptive detail on war and the gore and violence that occurs. Here with us we have Sergeant Wilson who wants the book to be banned because of a common disorder known as PTSD and its effect on war veterans. Opposing him is John Bender local high school history teacher who feels that this book is of extreme literary value because of its stories of Vietnam from a soldiers perspective.

Host: These first
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