Analysis Of Toni Morrisson 's ' Sula '

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Steve Maraboli wrote, “Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over, instead of craving control over what you don’t.” While perceptions towards female sexuality have become more and more liberal over time, they still tend towards an expediently bigoted dynamic in which women are only encouraged to be sexual to an extent. The idea of women being self-confident, even single-minded, in cultivating rousing sex lives is still often looked upon as immoral and impure. In Toni Morrisson’s novel Sula, not only is female sexuality lopsidedly categorized, it is seen as worthy for castigation. Missing from the main conceptualization is the blunt acknowledgement that female promiscuity can be empowering. A woman can derive power from her sexuality. By realizing what she’s been gifted with, she can gain her freedom. Sexual empowerment for her involves recognition of her sexual being, embracing that power, and exhibiting it confidently without fear of disrepute. By embracing the body she is born into, understanding the power it wields, and displaying total command in making choices regarding her body, she holds the power to not be castigated for craving and loving sex. Neither is she belittled with abusive words for not keeping her body as a holy shrine, allowing only one man entry. A sexually assured woman, conscious of her own desires, and confident in her allure can claim sex solely on her own terms.

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