Analysis Of Victor Frankenstein The Real Monster

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Who's the Real Monster?
The story of Frankenstein was written by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley in the year 1818. The story depicts the life of the character Victor Frankenstein, who spends years creating an unnamed creature. Victor abandons the creature the moment he awakens and the creature is then left to live life on his own because is rejected by humanity. The creature kills several people and eventually leads to Victor's indirect death. Throughout the story, the creature is depicted as a hideous, monstrous and evil creature, while Victor is depicted as the victim of his wrath. At first glance, the creature seems like the bigger monster of the story, but as we begin to view it from a deeper perspective we discover a different side. In this essay, I plan to argue that contrary to popular belief, Victor Frankenstein is the real monster of the story.
The Oxford Dictionary defines the word monster as an “An inhumanly cruel or wicked person.” There were many cruel and wicked things that Victor did to the creature. Firstly, Victor decided to give the creature a hideous body. Why would he not create his specimen to be beautiful and well formed in every way? It was cruelty on the behalf of Victor to hideously deform his creation. He made his creature to be a hideously deformed monster which every human being shunned. Throughout the story Victor also considers himself to have a God Complex. Victor would be considered to have a God Complex because he firmly believed that he has the

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