Analysis Of Walt Whitman 's ' Crossing Brooklyn Ferry '

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The American Dream establishes a journey to achieve a goal in order to start a new life. In “Crossing Brooklyn Ferry” by Walt Whitman, Walt Whitman illustrates the arrival to endorse a connection with the American future. Therefore, Walt Whitman conveys the experience of arrival using images to highlight the steps to reach the American Dream. As a result, the experience of arrival introduces a similar goal people are trying to achieve, which connects one another. Nevertheless, the people arriving are individuals who seek and work to find the American Dream and settle to a new beginning. Thus, to represent the experience of arrival, Walt Whitman uses the symbols of the ferry, the natural surroundings and the city of Brooklyn to convey the celebration of the American Dream. The symbol of the ferry represents a journey to convey the experience of arrival. The ferry represents the arrival to America because it establishes the beginning and end of a journey. When people leave on a ferry to travel to a new destination they initially begin a new chapter in their lives. Therefore, the ferry is a new way to change the perspective of a new world. “Cross from shore to shore, countless crowds of passengers!” (103) establishes the similarities people have of obtaining the same goal. The crowds of people on the ferry leave their home, to come and search for a new home. Thus, the shore represents the land where people come from, which they come from different places, but arrive together

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