Analysis Of Wan Na ' Be A Priest For?

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Whaddaya Wanna Be a Priest for?
Narrator emerges from stage right in front of closed curtain. S/he is dressed better than the peasants in the previous scene, as s/he is a teacher for young students from wealthy families. S/he is a snob.
Narrator/Teacher (Katie P.): Giuseppe Sarto – (sarcastically) I mean –Beppo – finished the two years of his so-called “education” in Riese. And it should have ended there, but his local priest somehow managed to get him into the school at Castelfranco – my school. It’s bad enough I have to teach the sons of the local nobility, all of whom can recite their family tree back for generations but couldn’t find Rome on a map with a picture of St. Peter himself pointing to it. But now this, this, the son of …show more content…

Beppo (Wylie): God gave us two feet to walk with. And my shoes last longer this way.
Emily K.: Never mind the horse or donkey. He wouldn’t ride either one – he’d carry it on his back!
(All students laugh.)
Teacher (Katie P.): Enough! Now, in our last lesson we were discussing how the various classes of people come together to create a society. As adults what will you do for the good of society?
(Students raise hands enthusiastically. Teacher calls on them, and they stand to speak.)
Teacher points to students, who then speak.
Nate R.: My father is a wealthy landowner, so it will be my job to own land, like him.
Teacher (Katie P.): And what part does a landowner play?
Nate R.: He owns the land.
Teacher (Katie P.): Yes, but why will you own the land? For what purpose?
Nate R.: Because it will be given to me by my father. To make money.
Teacher (Katie P.): You must contribute to society! What about you?
Courtney K.: My father owns factories. I’ll manage them, and then inherit them when he dies.
Teacher (Katie P.): Excellent – and what part will you play?
Courtney K.: I will make the money.
Teacher (Katie P.) (Showing signs of exasperation): You must not be so fixated on personal wealth! You must find its true purpose – the building up of the state for the betterment of all! What about you?
Emily K.: (with increasing intensity and prophetic tones) I would like to develop a communications technology, and maybe one day in 100

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