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Ethical Scrap Book Part II Team D CJS/211 September 29, 2014 Michael Raneses Ethical Scrap Book Part II Sit down with a group of individuals and ask each one of the same exact question. It’s guaranteed that you will get several different answers. No two people are going to look at any situation exactly the same. This weeks’ lesson called for our team to answer questions and discuss our different answers. We are all able to come to a general consensus on how we felt about a few things. The topics included good Samaritans, vigilantism, and civil disobedience. We will first address good Samaritans. Good Samaritans do things for other people out of the kindness of their hearts. They don’t do it out of obligation or out of guilt but…show more content…
The example that was provided in our ethical scrapbook was a parent kill the man who was pimping their 17 year old daughter. The team agreed that other measure could be taken like calling the police. Due to the parent taking matters into his own hands the daughter will be left without a parent now. Another example, a father beats a man to death after seeing him molest his 5 year old daughter. Now the team all felt the same way about what should be done to the violator, however Shanee said if a parent witnessed this happen at first they may not act rationally and call the police. The parent would be caught up in the moment seeing their child in harm’s way. Just like the saying “kick butt and ask questions later” well later may get you in trouble now. A stranger kill’s man for beating girlfriend in the street was the last example the team provided, and again we all agreed this could have been handled by involving the police. When people try to help others in this type of situation it could turn on you. The stranger could have easily started beating on you for not minding your business. As the person calling the police you could provide a good description of the stranger and be a witness to the incident. Civil disobedience, the active, professed refusal to obey certain laws, demands, or commands of a government, has proven in the past to be a very effective tool. In the case of civil disobedience the laws are being violated in order to change a law that is

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