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Wattenburg 's book is one which discusses the many facets which encompas the issues found in several democracies where young people as a whole are failing to vote. The main thesis is placing voting in the province of the old and as a pattern not unique to Americans but found many democracies. I believe Wattenberg’s thesis is valid on multiple occasions although at times he may assume a bit much about how one variable may indicate other factors when it comes political participation of various groups.
The Introduction of this book is over how young people are often being dismissed when it comes to politics, while as they age they eventually become much more aware of politics and participation increases at a higher rate. As with lack of of …show more content…

His style is direct and abundant in studies and other research.
The topic of the first chapter is about newspaper and their history throughout America. Among the many facts stated in the chapter, Wattenberg states that the popularity of newspapers has been dwindling. To drive this point even further he goes about telling a time where President George Bush Jr. remarked he did not read the newspaper and later tried offset the controversy by saying he received his information by way of daily briefings (Wattenberg 9). As the chapter continues tables and others statistics are shown with a mass decrease in newspapers subscriptions and how the industry as whole represents an interests in American politic or critical events among Americans. He then brings up that surveys which indicate young adults do read, just not (Wattenberg 24) He concludes with saying newspapers ' decrease in popularity in indicative of young people apathy towards day to day events.
The first chapter is very detailed and thorough in contrasting how newspapers and the perceptions surrounding them have shifted substantially. Wattenburg goes supporting several of his arguments by citing examples from across the world, using surveys and statistics, and by comparing the outlook on newspapers from previous to its status as of the current age. Wattenberg presents the decline in newspapers as a decline participation among younger Americans. With this in

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