Analysis Of Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior

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“Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior” Critique
Amy Chua, a professor at Yale Law School, the author of “The World on Fire”, “Day of Empire”, and “Why They Fall”, in a Wall street Journal on January 8th, 2011, believes chinese mothers are the most rigorous on their children. The title of the article “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior” was not chosen by Amy, but by the Wall Street Journal. Even though Amy did not write the title, there is reasoning that she does believe that chinese parenting is superior. Everyone is wondering how their children excel above everyone else. Thesis…
Amy is known as a ‘Tiger Mom”, one who pushes their children to be the best of the best academically. Chinese parents raise their children to meet high expectations. …show more content…

They feel they have sacrificed so much for their children that they need to be payed back. Westerners think that since they brought their children into this world, they owe their parents nothing. The parents should provide for them and just be kids. Third, chinese parents know what is best for their children; choosing what they shall do and want in their lives. Such as they should be this or this, play the piano or violin, etc. Western parents let their kids explore their individuality and let them see for themselves what they enjoy. Westerners support their kids decisions and values. The chinese believe they know what is best for their children by preparing them for their future, by loading them with tons of knowledge to be the smartest.
Chinese mothers being superior and any mother claiming that their way of parenting will always be biased. Every mother is going to think that their way of parenting is the best way. Especially parents that create a prodigy. It could be the parenting or the child was just born smart. Either way, that parent is going to claim they did something better than another parent, even though there is no way to prove it. There are too many factors that play into this topic to prove which parenting method is the most superior.
Amy Chua claims that all western parents are the same. When the truth is that there is not a single parent the exact same. There will

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