Analysis Of Will Your Marriage Last By Aviva Patz

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“Will Your Marriage Last?”, by Aviva Patz, is a cohesive article about marriage and divorce. Aviva Patz is the executive editor of Psychology Today. Patz narrates the story of Ted Huston, a professor at the University of Texas, who followed the lives of 168 couples for 13 years after their wedding date. She was then able to draw conclusions about what makes a couple stay together or end up filing divorce papers. Although marriages and divorce are the themes of this article, it is really about society’s pressure on young people to be perfect. Patz attends a seminar about Ted Huston’s Process of Adaptation in the Intimate Relationships (PAIR) project. In 1981, he followed 168 couples from their wedding day to 13 years later. Huston claims …show more content…

Couples often feel pressured to be perceived as perfect and happy, functioning seamlessly. This mounting pressure may leave some people feeling frustrated and left out, causing them lash out in a flurry of backed-up feelings. Huston describes couples who overlook the flaws in their significant other, feeling the need to have a fairytale relationship. Today’s youth feel the need to be perfect. Having any flaws has been beaten into kids as an awful quality. Scared of ridicule from their peers and parents, today’s youth work hard to maintain an impossible image. Students lose sleep, a basic human need, to complete their ever-growing amount of homework. They miss out on social interaction, a key component to any healthy human’s life, just to complete homework, work a part-time job, play sports, commit to after-school activities, and household responsibilities. Young people tend to feel overwhelmed and are unable to properly control and release their emotions. Older generations think these outbursts are because today’s youth are entitled. On the contrary, today’s youth are competing on a personal, physical and even emotional level with every other person their age and older to be the best to have the best opportunity to live a good life. Furthermore, today’s youth feel pressured by the problems left by older generations. Our country’s massive, growing debt, nuclear warheads, decade-long

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