Analysis Of William Shakespeare 's Love Triangle Sonnets

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ENG3339 A Stephanie Meloche November 30th 2015 One Lover Too Many: an analysis of William Shakespeare 's love-triangle sonnets by Stephanie Meloche Shakespeare 's collection of sonnets are written by a speaker who is in love with two people, a young man and a woman known as the Dark Lady. The majority of these sonnets are either written to or about these lovers. In addition, a selection of Shakespeare 's sonnets explore the pain surrounding a love triangle between the speaker, the young man and the Dark Lady. Shakespeare 's use of language, for example his use of metaphors and diction, in the love-triangle sonnets, illuminates the way the speaker of the poems handles the painful situation of their tedious relationship as one that causes him great discomfort and displeasure. The love-triangle sonnets can be grouped into three separate stages of the speaker 's thoughts and feelings on the young man and the Dark Lady 's budding relationship. The first stage includes Sonnets 40, 41 and 42, and address the speaker 's first impressions of the affair between the Dark Lady and the young man, his anger can be seen increasingly with each sonnet as he grows more disappointed and tries to to find someone to blame. The second stage, which is made up of Sonnets 133 and 134, demonize the Dark Lady as a seductress, or slave master of sorts, and the speaker blames her for tempting and corrupting the young man. Write about how the name “The Dark Lady” itself demonizes her The final stage

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