Analysis Of Writers Paulo Frei Essay

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Perspectives in the Arts

The stories behind a piece of art are infinite. The reasons the artist produced the piece is only one explanation behind the work. Even so, who is to know the specific thoughts the artist was thinking at the time? As each art critic may conclude his own analysis of an artwork, who is right and who is wrong? Just as students challenge the information that is supposedly “deposited” in them by the teacher in the classroom setting, art challenges the belief- that information can only be used as it was intended, which is highly rare in our day and age.
The concept of perspectivism falls into place in this scenario. Art is perceived differently by varying individuals. There can be …show more content…

Images of art enhances how one views the world around him. Infinite meanings behind an image expands one’s vision to see much more, to think much more, and to believe much more. “Our vision is continually active, continually moving, continually holding things in a circle around itself, constituting what is present to us as we are(Berger 106)”.
“Images were first made to conjure up the appearance of something that was absent. Gradually it became evident that an image could outlast what it represented; it then showed how something or somebody had once looked- and thus by implication how the subject had once been seen by other people(Berger 108)”. Simply put, it is a progression of ideas, which Freire terms as the invention and re-invention in order for knowledge to emerge. The original intent of the image is now seen as an “old” view, as new ideas are emerging with the ever changing world.
With the rapid changes constantly present with the arise of new cultures and new fashions in this modern age, it is a challenge to keep up with all the new ideas and thoughts that are spreading everywhere. As Freire believes that “challenge evokes new challenges, followed by new understandings(355)”, one can easily understand the constant need for changes and progress in society. Thus

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