Analysis OfClothes, By Chira Banerjee Divakaruni

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In the short story, “Clothes” author, Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni conveys an overall message about immigrant women trying to balance their native cultural with western cultural. Divakaruni expresses Sumita inner conflict between the two cultures through clothing. In this story, she shows how a Indian housewife becomes a working women. Similar to undocumented students also known as Dreamers in the article, “Six ‘Dreamers’ sue Trump to block repeal of DACA” author, Holly Branson Potts writes about are also stuck in an inner conflict with themselves between the two cultures. This paper will compare Sumita’s success to finding her own identity and dreamers fight to secure their place in America despite the constant backlash they have recently obtained. By attentively examining Divakaruni’s body of work, the initial message conveyed is arranged marriage surface however, the final message of identity underlying comes to light.
By introducing clothes early on in the text, Divakaruni successfully creates the underlying idea of intertwining Sumita’s native cultural and the western one that is recently pushed upon her. This idea I also echoed in “Six Dreamers sue Trump to block repeal of DACA” when Potts quotes dreamers expressing how DACA created a better life for them. For both Dreamers and Sumita interlacing western culture with native cultural is a constant inner conflict. For instance, when Divakaruni writes about when Sumita receives her first American outfit from her husband.

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