Analysis OfIs Gentrification All Bad? By Justin Davidson

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“Is Gentrification All Bad?” was written by Justin Davidson, who studied at Harvard and Columbia, is classically trained composer, and has won a Pulitzer prize for his music criticism. In Davidson’s article he is trying to argue that Gentrification if used properly can help improve the experiences of all residents no matter their current financial situation. He wrote the article with the general public as his target audience because the collective consensus is that gentrification is a bad or immoral thing in all forms. Throughout the article Davidson uses a multitude of real life examples to help support his case. Many of these examples follows the Logos method of trying to convince someone to take your side because they are presented …show more content…

To build off his opening statements Davidson begins to use a variety of people with stories on dealing with gentrification. He presents these stories in a very logical way that coincides well with the statements he makes. I believe he took this approach because gentrification is a very sensitive subject for many people and he needed to be delicate and logical with his argument. The first person Davidson talks about is the story of Manny Ramirez, who owns a corner drug store. Ramirez is a smart businessman who instead of never evolving with the neighborhood and eventually closing down, keeps an open ear and makes proper changes. He is aware that his neighborhood is generally made up of people with smaller incomes, so he tries to keep his over the counter medicine and food prices down. At the same time however, he tries to cater to the new people moving into the neighborhood who have some disposable income, by stocking things like expensive lotions and moisturizers. This story helps Davidson’s argument greatly because it shows businesses can make small natural changes that push towards healthy gentrification. The next person Davidson focuses on is Colvin Grannum, who is the president of the Bedford-Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation. He is again using people with first hand experience to help back

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