Analysis fo the Wonderful Pistachios Campaign

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The Bandwagon effect is explained as showing many people using a product, implying that everyone is using it. Timing is related to the success of a message because it is not always what the message conveys but rather it depends on the time it’s delivered. The association technique aims to connect a service, product, or idea with something already desired by the target audience, such as, security, fun, beauty, success, or wealth. The media message does not make it explicit that the viewer will receive these things but the association is implied. The campaign utilizes controversial and comedic celebrities to draw the attention of the younger generation. This is an example bandwagon effect at work. These celebrities include people from shows like Keeping Up With the Kardashians and Jersey Shore, which intrigue the younger target market because they feel they can relate to these people. The target market of this campaign is women raging from ages of 18 to 34. This includes both women in the workforce and women attending college. The average consumer in this target market strives to be one step ahead of celebrity gossip and social media. The viewers feel excellent about providing a healthy alternative snack for their children while still providing the salty snack that most children crave. It has been concluded through studies conducted on a national…
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