Analysis of "A Good Man Is Hard to Find"

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Erica Lynch

October 24, 2005

English 113(03)

Research Project #1

"A Good Man Is Hard To Find"

Flannery O'Connor

Jackson Jeen Alves. "Good Man". Racism Examples. Retrieved 20 October 2005.


In this short story "A Good Man Is A Hard to Find" there is a lot of racism going on in it. The grandmother is racist because she is a Southern white old woman who does not like as she called them "Negros." The grandmother is very much stuck in the old days and will not look at what is going on in life and how it has changed since she was growing up. The grandmother does not like any black people no matter what, whether they have done anything wrong to her or not. She does not want her children and grandchildren
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The grandmother is very happy that the child is very poor and is not as fortunate as her and her family is. What is so terrible about the situation she wants to take a picture of it, paint it, and display the child and his misfortune on the walls for everyone to see? She surely displays a lot of things that white American Southerners displayed which was a true hatred toward black Americans and thought that they should always remain as slaves with no rights at all. She discusses how the child does not have any pants on at all, the grandchildren ask why, and she states, "He probably doesn't have any." Also in this story, O'Conner refers to the black Americans as "niggers" instead of black Americans knowing that term was a negative reference to black Americans.

This story was taken place also when black Americans were set free from slavery and had just as much equal rights as any other white American did. They were preferred to not be called "niggers" but be called black Americans. During this time no matter what was said, she would not let go of the term "nigger" referring to black Americans because she thought that they did not deserve as many equal rights because she thought that they could do no better if they were turned from under the power of white Americans.

The grandmother even goes on to tell her grandchildren a story about

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