Essay on Analysis of Aaron McGruder´s The Boondocks

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When studying the black diaspora within the United States, the story typically starts with the classic slave narratives including those of Frederick Douglass and Mary Price and ends with the affirmative action decisions of the late 1990s. History tells the story of an internal racial identity struggle through the institutions of slavery and oppression, resistance and rebellion, cultural reawakening and civil rights which evokes the question: what does it mean to be African American? Aaron McGruder’s animated series The Boondocks creates a context to consider the question of what it means to be an African American today and discusses the institutions that are now molding the African American identity. McGruder criticizes the idea of a …show more content…

After three seasons, in 2010 McGruder decided to take a hiatus from the show, but most recently it was announced a fourth season will air in January 2014.
In an interview regarding the then planned to be last season of The Boondocks, McGruder said “If this is to be the last season of The Boondocks we need to be working to develop space for more public criticism of our horrific conditions.” People have speculated about McGruder’s reasoning for taking his immensely popular comic strip to the airwaves, especially in the form of an animated series on Cartoon Network. However the reasoning as to why is inconsequential compared to the effects. The Boondocks as a cartoon series reached a much broader audience and with this stage McGruder could push the envelope of animation satire. It was not the first time that animation was used to make satirical commentary, for example shows like Family Guy and South Park had long been using animation to make social commentary. However, The Boondocks was unique in it’s tackling of contentious issues. Cartoons rely on the suspension of disbelief. Gary Larson, the cartoonist behind The Far Side, said “he found it amusing when his readers complained that he had portrayed a male mosquito sucking blood (only females such blood), but no one took issue with the fact that the mosquito was wearing clothes and could

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