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TITLE: ACROSS FIVE APRILS ENGLISH 1 SUMMARY The name of my book is across five aprils.The main character across five aprils are Jethro, Ellen, Matthew, Jenny, Bill, John, Tom, Ed turner, and Shad.In the being of the story the Confederates have fire on fort sumter. John, tom, ed turner, and bill went to war. Bill was the only person out of the creighton boys (john & tom) to go to fight for the confederacy army. The union army was losing the civil war at first because of Confederates general Robert E. Lee. But union general Ulysses S. Grant started to win key battles for the union army. One day tom wrote a letter to the family to tell them about the war. The letter was heartbreaking because ed turner couldn’t handle the war. Ed was …show more content…

Ed turner went back to the army. A few months later around march or april general grant army clash with robert e. lee army. General grant army won the battle and the union won the civil war.The civil war was won in april.A few days later president lincoln was killed.After that jenny and shad come home on a sunny warm day in april.
Across five aprils is symbolic because the civil war started in april of 1861 and ended in april of 1865. Also it is symbolic because it was the story of the creighton family struggles and hardships thought out the civil war time.It is also symbolic because it also stand for the sacfiaces of all the people who died in the bloodest battle in america.The title is also is symbolic because she is telling her grandfather’s story of this family in the civil war time.It is also symbolic because every april the family is either happy or sad.The title is also symbolic because the author grandfather is expressing this feeling and thought of growing in the civil wartime.Also the grandfather is telling what he remember what happen in family not just during the civil war time.The title is also symbolic because it get the readers to see how people live and feel in a hard time in America’s history.The title is symbolic beacuse the author feel close to the tilte and the book.The title is symbolic because the author is close to her grandfather and she love the story he tell her about him grow up in the civil war.

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