My Brother Sam Is Dead By Tim Meeker

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The ship was cold and food was scarce. It was no condition for a little ten year old boy. He was a prisoner of the war with little hope. Snatched out of his life he was helpless and was destined to die while others lived. He asked to himself, “Why me? Why not someone else?” His death actually happened in history, but also in the novel, My Brother Sam Is Dead. It is the year 1775, the Revolutionary War is just stirring among the people and around the life of the narrator, Tim Meeker. Tim is the youngest son in a family that runs a tavern in the town of Redding. The Meeker family goes through many sufferings at the cost of war. His older brother, Sam is a Yale student who goes to war to fight the British against his father’s wishes. …show more content…

In addition, Tim is torn between both sides. He asks why Sam has to be not nice to Father and tells him that he had it nice; he had money for books and studies that Father sent him. He asks, “Listen, Sam, why do you always have to get into a fight with Father?” (Collier and Collier, 15). According to later chapters Tim looks up to both his father and brother. The split between father and brother causes his dilemma. After being torn between sides and fighting about the sides, it is evident that war tears families apart. At this point it is apparent war causes families to tear apart, but the authors also show that war can cause clashes between generations as well. One example of clashing is when Sam and Mr. Beach are at odds during the argument involving Sam and Father. In the beginning of the book the difference between Father and Sam is very evident. He is a boy of sixteen arguing with his father, but the argument of war isn’t just between families, it is also between generations. In chapter one, Mr. Beach, the town’s Anglican minister, also has his opinion on war that discriminates the new generation, “I think men of common sense will prevail. Nobody wants rebellion except fools and hotheads.” (Collier and Collier, 6). Sam goes on to argue with Mr. Beach, “That’s not what they say in New Haven, sir. They say that the whole colony of Massachusetts is ready to fight and if Massachusetts fights, Connecticut will

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