Analysis of Admiring the Flowers Essay

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ADMIRING THE FLOWERS Mr and Mrs. Chopra lived in the bungalow, four houses left from us. Their pink bougainvillea hedge was always meticulously cut and the lawn was always free from dog turd. Mr Chopra was a stock broker, a rich one if the neighborhood aunties were to be believed. Mrs. Chopra was a daughter of an affluent business man and had never forgotten that. I had always thought of Mr. Chopra as an underdog. Maybe it was his hunched shoulders, or his continuously shifting eyes which never really met yours, but whatever it was , the first impression was of a nervous temperament. Most of this story revolves around a park. A park, you say? Yes, a park. There was nothing extra-ordinary about that park. In fact, the likes of it can …show more content…

But routine takes away flavor, and soon I stopped paying the slightest attention. Every boy who came within Rita's proximity became instantly enchanted. Rita, new to this urban perverseness, basked in the attention until my father forbade any boy to enter our house. My father was an excellent shot; to emphasize his point, he started sitting in the veranda, cleaning his gun and looking at passersby with narrowed eyes. The effect was immediate; Rita could go outside with me and sit in the park without any disturbances of the male kind. Around this time, the neighbors started talking about the loud late-night arguments at the Chopras. Apparently, Ashish had started staying out late and returning back home in the wee hours of the morning. Ashish had the killer mixture of his mother's looks and his father's money , and Mr. Chopra, who seldom, if ever, raised his voice, and started threatening him with a whiplash. Mrs. Chopra as usual took her son's side, and this had resulted in a shouting match between the couple. Everyone knew about Ashish's night exploits with beautiful girls, so the surprising thing was Mr. Chopra's response. Then there started other changes in his behavior . Mr. Chopra started going to the gym( although it added no kilos to his wiry frame), started wearing what suspiciously looked like Ashish's clothes and began having more and more frequent arguments with his family. Vacations started. Rita and I started sitting in the park

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