Analysis of Cervantes' Techniques in His Literary Works Essay

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It goes without saying, that as readers most of us look forward to the conclusion of novels, sometimes choosing to ignore details that we find negligible to the advancement of the plot. However Cervantes seems to ignore this trait, constantly interrupting his stories at critical moments. This technique not only builds suspense and tension, but also helps prove a point about the readers; they are not just passive audience members, but rather participants in this sometimes convoluted story. While some critics have scrutinized Cervantes for having placed tales that seem almost “out of place,” it is clear that these tales do in fact incorporate some of the larger themes that Cervantes tries to emphasize throughout the novel, one being that …show more content…

Similarly, Grisóstomo has never met the Marcela he talks about, yet is still willing to kill himself when she supposedly rejects him. In the end, both Don Quixote and Grisóstomo end up risking their lives for these women, adding to Cervantes’ idea that women are the demise of men, driving them to insanity. Similarly to the story of Grisóstomo and Marcela, the “Tale of Inappropriate Curiosity,” seems to also convey this idea that women cause men distress, leading to their demise. In the “Tale of Inappropriate Curiosity,” Anselmo decides to test just how loyal his wife, Camila, is. Anselmo decides that the only way to really know whether Camila is faithful or not is to put her to a test of great temptation. Anselmo therefore demands that his friend Lotario attempt to seduce Camila. At first Camila resists the temptations, however as time goes on, both give in, and both betray Anselmo. Just as the other women in the novel, Camila is able to drive Anselmo insane and eventually lead to his downfall. Interestingly enough, just like Marcela and Dulcinea, Anselmo seems to create this image of Camila that is almost made up, and because of that he is led to his downfall when Camila does end up cheating on him. Cervantes again in this story seems to portray this idea that women do lead men to do crazy things, for just as Quixote is led to go out and fight for Dulcinea, Anselmo is lead to test his wife’s loyalty even though she never

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