Essay on Analysis of Cradle Hold by David Klass

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In the short story Cradle Hold by David Klass, a very young boy named Duke possesses many feminine qualities, such as preferring dolls over guns or books over the outdoors. Duke’s father Harry is very uncomfortable about this. He tries everything he can think of to change his son, But nothing works. Eventually Duke gets a girlfriend. Harry is very happy but far from pleased. One day Duke decides to try out for wrestling to make his father happy. Duke makes the team as an substitute. Harry travels to all of Duke's games even though he doesn't play most of the time. Duke makes his way up to the best wrestler in his school. He went the whole season undefeated. He was at the championships and made it to the finals. He was up against another …show more content…

“Harry bought thima long plastic sword, which Duke tossed into the bottom of his play chest, and a two-headed ax, which Duje traded to the boy three houses down for a large stuffed pink elephant. When Harry saw the elephant, he decided that things had gone to far and he’d better take matters into his own hands.” Harry has really had it with the way Duke is acting a feels like it has gone out of hand. A sudden change happens in the story … Duke tries out for the wrestling team. “Later that year, Duke surprised and delighted his father by going out for the high-school wrestling team. He was still a thin gawky kid—more elbows than shoulders—and it looked for a long time as though he was going to be cut, but he went to all the practices and called Coach Waterman “sir” and ended up making the junior varsity as a substitute at 135 pounds.” Duke makes the wrestling team as a substitute, His father Harry gets really excited and goes to every match even though Duke rarely plays.
Lastly there is lots of conflict that keeps the story interesting .Duke is mad at his dad for mailing him lose. “Duke ground his knuckles together in fury. “Why did you do that?” “I couldn't let him pin you. I just couldn't” “Well, I just cant take it any more.” “You’re leaving?” “For a while,” Duke said. “I’m gonna stay with a guy in the team. Al Gordon. His parents have a big house with a spare room. They said it would be

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