Analysis of Dave Chappelle's For What It's Worth Stand-Up Comedy

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Analysis of Dave Chappelle's For What It's Worth Stand-Up Comedy Dave Chappelle’s stand-up comedy can be raunchy, grotesque, and sometimes chillingly serious, but for the most part consistently funny throughout. His newest routine being "For What It's Worth". In this stand-up it seems that there are no objective boundaries for the subject of his jokes, so long as the extremity of the subject raised is outweighed by the comedy the joke provides. This not only allows Chappelle to use offensive ideas in his routine, but to subtly express concerns relating to inconsistencies and inadequacies among the American media, justice …show more content…
He speaks about how Bush's organization was proud to have taken dictator Saddam Hussein's face of the Iraq currency, and emphasizes how that is an important accomplishment. He goes on, "But then I thought, if you can do that for Iraq, what about our money man? Our money looks like baseball cards with slave owners on them." His praise quickly turns to criticism pointing out that George Washington still remains on American currency in spite of the fact that he was a slave owner. He then simulates a scene with George Washington writing America's Declaration Of Independence. "We hold these truths to be self-evident, all men are created equal...(Aside)...go get me a sandwich n%#*er or I'll kill ya...(Return)..liberty, justice for all. This comical reinactment of George Washington reveals an inconsistency in the American Government's motivations. They boast of stripping Hussein off the money because as Chappelle says having him on it was a "subtle, psychological nuance of oppression." Through this comical reenactment, Chappelle is able to reveal the hypocrisy of the American Government.

After pointing out an inconsistency in the government, Chappelle follows with one in the legal system. He brings up the topic of fifteen year-olds and how they are held responsible for their actions. In one case, celebrity R. Kelly was
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