Analysis of Hotel Rwanda directed by George Terry

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This paper is an overview for the movie Hotel Rwanda. The movie is set in 1994 which reflects the situation in Kigali, Rwanda where the genocide occurred between people with different tribes. The film by George Terry also shows whether the role played by the international organization which is United Nations (UN) is effective in order to control the conflict that has killed a lot of people and the concern of the world about the incident. The history and relationship between Hutu and Tutsi As we look back to the 14th century of Rwanda, the indigenous people of that region composed of Hutu and another ethnic group which is Twa. The Tutsi was actually the immigrants which came to Rwanda from the southern Ethiopian highlands.…show more content…
The murder President Habrayimana by the Tutsi’s rebels was the starting of the genocide. Before the murder, the President has agreed to make peace agreement with the Tutsi’s rebel’s forces. However, after the murder, The Hutu became more offended by the actions taken by the Tutsi. General George Rutaganda, the leader of Interahamwe militia makes an order to Hutu to kill all the Tutsi and to wipe out the Rwandan Patriotic Front rebels. After that, the situations get even worst as the anti-Tutsi militia of Interahamwe start the chaos by killing all the Tutsi civilians. The United Nations served there to save all the victims of the massacre and help to stabilize the situation. However, the Interahamwe militia acts more violently by also killing United Nations soldiers while they were protecting the lady Prime Minister. The Europeans then plan to put interference power on the circumstances that happened in Rwanda. As the people of Rwanda felt happy for the intervention from the west, they actually were unlucky as the all the superpowers of the west felt it is useless to fight for the right of the ‘black’ people of the Africa. The Rwandan then abandoned. The Europeans started to leave them and go back to their own country as they are forbidden to intervene in the conflict. All the United Nations peacekeepers are being removed from Rwanda. The Rwandan was left to decide their own fate

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