Analysis of Robert Frost´s Poem Out, Out Essay

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Robert Frost’s poem “Out, Out –“ is about a boy who has his arm sawed off during work and asks his sister not to let the doctor amputate his arm, he then realizes he’s lost too much blood and then dies while doctors try to save him. After his death everyone else continues on with their work and lives. Frost uses a lot of end-stopped lines, enjambment, repetition and personification among others in his lines of poetry.
Frost uses a lot of end-stopped lines and enjambment in the lines of his poem. Both have an effect on the way the poem is read by the readers. The lines which use end-stops can be found throughout the beginnings of the poem.
“And from there those that lifted eyes could count/ Five mountain ranges one behind the other/ …show more content…

Nature is calm and serene, while this boy’s life has changed in a matter of seconds from living to dead in a tragic event. The end-stopped lines and enjambments are used very well in the remainder of the poem.
Frost’s poem is interesting because he uses personification and repetition in describing the saw, the saw is given life; it “snarled” and “rattled”. Frost talks about the saw as though it were a person when “as it ran light, or had to bear a load” like the saw can feel the weight of its work. The narrator depicts the scene as the saw and the boy interacting in a human way. “As if to prove saws know what supper meant, / Leaped out at the boy’s hand, or seemed to leap –“
The boy and the saw connect during the boys excitement over dinner and Frost makes it seem as though the saw was also excited leading to them both jumping. The saw is personified again as it is said to have leaped to meet the hand and then cut it off. The following line continues the same way. “Neither refused the meeting. But the hand!” The saw is brought to life and it becomes the antagonist in the poem as it chops off the boy’s hand and not once does Frost blame the boy in the accident. After the hand is chopped off the saw is not mentioned again as the poem continues with the boy.
Frost has a compelling way of writing the poem, in the beginnings of the poem there is a lot of metaphors and descriptions of the setting and the saw and the boy. Once the boy is injured

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