Analysis of Song Runaway Love by Ludacris and Mary J, Blige Essay

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The song I picked for this homework assignment is called Runaway Love by Ludacris and Mary J. Blige. The song is describing the hardships of three young girls and their struggle to survive. Finally, the girls are fed up with the lives they are forced to live and decide to pack up their things and run away. I think this song can relate to many aspects of sociology that we have learned in class. Some examples shown through the song are poverty, education, healthcare, marriage and family. All three girls’ different stories and struggles they face.
The first girl mentioned is Lisa, she feels alone in the world, her mother is a drug addict and likes to bring many men home. The song talks about things in the beginning work out well, but later …show more content…

She has one friend named Stacy that knows everything about Nicole, they are best friends until one day Stacy is shot in a drive by and is killed. Nicole’s story is an example of marriage and family, poverty, and crime. Like Lisa, Nicole does not have parents that support their family or treat them right. Nicole’s step-dad is an alcoholic and abusive towards her. She is to the point where she has to lie to her teacher about her bruises so she does not get taken away. She feels like she is all alone and nowhere to go that is safe for her, not even school. Also, when her only friend Stacy dies in a drive-by, this is an example of high crime rates in poverty neighborhoods. In class, we talked about how there tends to be more crimes in the less wealthy neighborhood versus the wealthier neighborhoods. The kids that grow up in these very poor neighborhoods, tend to turn to criminal behavior because that is all they know. They have grown up around it their whole lives, and they have become accustomed to it. So maybe a drive by or gunshots in Nicole’s neighborhood are common for her and she does not even phase when she hears a gun shot.
Lastly, Erica is an eleven year old girl who takes drugs to try to mask the pain from living her miserable life. Also, she has sex with a sixteen year old boy, and thinks she is in love and does not use any contraceptives and gets pregnant. After becoming pregnant, the father bails and wants nothing to

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