Analysis of St. Mark: Chapter 4:35-41 and insight on the authour Mark.

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St. Mark: Chapter 4:35-41

Mark was the interpreter and recorder for Peter in his later ministries. His job would most likely be the equivalent to a multilingual personal assistant in today 's business world. Mark recorded Peter 's recollections and was striving for accuracy, but not necessarily for strict chronological narrative order (Elwell 88). Theologians estimate that the Gospel of Mark was composed approximately between the mid 40 's to early 60 's. Rome is thought to be the place of origination for this Gospel. This being so, the audience is most likely to be composed of Gentiles. Usually Jesus was a matchless teacher; but in this Gospel He appears even more distinctly as the mighty Worker. A very interesting thing seen in Mark …show more content…

When they asked Jesus if He cared weather they died or not, the implied message is that "they" means all of them on the boat, including Jesus. He then rose and rebuked the sea and it became calm. After this He startled His disciples by turning to them with reprimand, "Why are you afraid? Do you still have no faith (Mk 4:40)?" He rebuked them, which startled them and made them fear Him greatly. Morgan says that, "It was not the storm that filled them with fear, but the

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