Essay about Analysis of The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams

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The Glass Menagerie is one of Tennessee Williams most famous play. A sort of autobiographical play that closely resembles Williams’s life before stardom. The play occurs during the 1930’s before world war two, in an apartment in St. Louis. Where the three main characters reside and confront on a quotidian basis. Moreover, as well in which they live in their world of illusion. Illusion and reality is practically what the play revolves around. The characters Tom, his sister Laura and mother Amanda are attached to an imaginary world in one way or another. Tom has become the head of the household ever since their father abandoned them. He’s an aspiring poet who works in a shoe warehouse. He’s unhappy with his life and the codependency …show more content…

She finds herself old, reliant on her son, alone and witnessing her two greatest joys failing in life. She herself my feel like a failure and feel partial fault in her kids outcome. In order to escape from reality, she fantasizes about how beautiful she was not too long ago. She visualizes the countless numbers of gentlemen callers that dated her. She fabricates all these stories from the past to ease the tension of their current live and make everything perfect. Even her dialogue seems deceptive, as she speaks in a very jovial and frivolous manner as if she has no problems. Her illusions help her during the moment but once face with a reality she a broken woman. Laura is also withdrawn into the world of illusion. Perhaps the most fragile of all three, Laura escapes her reality through artificial glass animals. Her captivation for the glass animals is a contrast to the veracity of her life. The glass animals are a symbolism of Laura herself, she just like them breakable, flimsy, insubstantial, etc. The glass menagerie is her dream world where everything is perfect and fine. Where she doesn’t have to deal with the harsh realities of life. However, exit the illusion and enter reality, she has failed her mother academically. She has become very shy and has obtained a sense of inferiority and humiliation. Through their own ways the characters use false appearances to hide the true realities of there live. It is

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