Nora Helmer And Nils Pavlov

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I. Introduction
A. Torvald Helmer and Nils Krogstad are both men who use Nora Helmer in hope of advancing or protecting his career; but Nils is the one who releases Nora, while Torvald tries to tighten his control over Nora.
B. Identify the complete title and author’s name and give the date of publication of the play. Give a brief summary of the plot.
C. Nils Krogstad is a better man than Torvald Helmer because of the hope he has about the future and his change of heart about blackmailing the Helmers.
II. Both Nils and Torvald use or try to use Nora for personal advancement.
A. In Act I (1743-1744), Krogstad informs Nora that her forgery of her father’s name is a fraud against Krogstad and threatens to expose her to Torvald
In Act III, Torvald reads Krogstad’s letter and verbally attacks Nora.
B. In Act III, Torvald tells Nora, “you’ve wrecked all my happiness-ruined my whole fortune” (1769).
C. Nils Krogstad is trying to protect his job and his children, and is “less of a traditional villain when we realize that he is fighting for his job at the bank” (Witham and Lutterbie, 1785).
Torvald Helmer is using Nora as a pretty doll to keep up appearances that will help him in his job, and Torvald even attempts to keep Nori from eating macaroons because of this focus on beauty. According to Toril Moi, “Helmer is worried that Nora will destroy her pretty teeth” (Moi 262).
D. Krogstad is trying to do good, being able to take care of his children, in a wrong way; but the attempt…
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