Analysis of The Ocean at the End of the Lane Essay

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The start of The Ocean at the End of the Lane began with an older man about the age of forty he returned home to his homeland in Sussex, England for a funeral. He then decided that he would revise the location of the house he once lived in. He then remembers that there was a young girl, about the same age as his sister, named Lettie Hempstock. He also remembers the fact that Lettie would always tell him about the pond behind the house being an ocean and not a pond. With Lettie on his mind and him being in town for the funeral he decided that he would go and visit where Lettie grew up. She was a young girl at the time so she lived with her mother and her grandmother. As this man approaches the house, Lettie is no longer there but a family …show more content…

He soon realized that she was not human, but the other half of the worm he pulled out of his foot. It did not take much time before Ursula would try his best to stop him and Lettie from being friends. Ursula was very quick when it came to becoming close with the family. His sister loved her and she would brainwash the father; unlike the narrator who was neglected and treated poorly. There was a time where his father nearly drowned him while Ursula was watching it happen.
His bedroom was his favorite place to be so that he was able to hide from Ursula most of the time. He was terrified of Ursula and knew of the affair that was occurring between her and his father while his mother was at work. There was a night where he was able to escape while his father and Ursula were having sexual intercourse. He ran to the Hempstock farm where he was just able to make it before he was caught. The Hempstocks took care of him and helped him as well with removing the wormhole that was left in his foot by Ursula before she came into his life. Ursula was then confronted by the Hempstocks, Lettie, and the narrator; they gave her the opportunity to leave on a peaceful note so that there would be less danger in the future for her. Ursula believed that there was nothing that could ever harm her but little did she know there would be varmints which were wild animals that would try to eat her like a

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