Analysis of The Shifting Heart, by Richard Beynon

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Thesis: In The Shifting Heart, the playwright Richard Beynon conveys ideas and representations of Australian identity through the use of narrative techniques, especially dialogue and characterisation. Each character represents an aspect of Australian society in the 1950 's that Beynon perceives to be true. 1st published in 1960. Set in 1956. NUTSHELL- 1. Not accepting of other cultures; Abuse against Gino and failed assimilation halfway between identities. Cultural heritage is important in establishing identity -Through the characterisation of Gino, Beynon shows the rejection of Australians towards immigrants and other cultures. -Page 95 Australian citizenship Certificate shows the belief Gino had that he had been accepted into …show more content…

(Pause.) But i got a boss with ambitions." Clarry talking to Lukie about Momma going to inquest; "She remembers, she forgets; what the hell difference will it make?" Knows whatever happens Gino will be declared guilty of drunken violence 3. A societies attitudes towards a minority race can be changed when they gain a greater understanding of the people aligned with that race rather than basing their judgment on stereotypes - Reflects upon the belief

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