Analysis of The Un-numbing of Cory Will house by Virginia Euwer Wolff

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Have you ever done something that you regretted later in life? In “The Un-numbing of Cory Willhouse” by Virgina Euwer Wolff, Cory attempts to make up back for his early mistakes. On Halloween night, when Cory was nine years old, he and three other friends stole from Kim’s Market and Grocery. Since that night, Cory has lived with the guilt. One morning, after hearing how the store burned down he decides to do something. Over the course of a few weeks, he helps put the store back together. After confessing to Mr. Kim as why he is helping, Cory is left with guilt that never subsides. The theme owning up to what you have done wrong by telling the truth is the morally right thing to do is represented in the story through the protagonist, the …show more content…

Anyone” (147). Cory Willhouse is past actions go against what he thinks is morally right that causing his unhappiness with in himself. Cory tries to fix his guilt by helping rebuild Kim’s market by “sawing, hammering, lifting, carrying, measuring, watching, learning, and sweeping” (154). Even after all his accomplishments in the fixing of Kim’s market and grocery physically, his guilty conscience challenges his morals because he also starts building a relationship with Mr. Kim and his son Joey that is being surrounded by a lie. Lastly, the climax reveals how telling the truth is the moral thing to do. When Cory got the courage to tell Mr. Kim of his past mistakes, he has a really hard time doing it. “Joey tell your father I stole some food from your market and I ran out” (161). Even though Cory had an idea that telling what he did will damage his relationship with Mr. Kim, he sacrificed that to do the right thing. After the long wait Mr. Kim spoke and Joey translated “My dad says you already have your punishment” (162). This shows how the lie he keep and the guilt he had for years have been so bad that he couldn’t enjoy life. When he did tell the truth it showed how doing the right thing is important. In the “Un-numbing of Cory Willhouse” by Virginis Euwer Wolff, telling the truth is the morally right thing to do and this is shown through the protagonist,

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