Analysis of the Crucible, page 41-42. Essay

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Analysis of the Crucible, page 41-42. The influential feeling throughout this extract, is the one sided effort to enjoy the time that they are spending over the meal. These efforts coming from John Proctor. One can gather the reasons for this cold shoulder shown to John by Elizabeth, is down to the broken trust, by John when having a love affair with Abigail earlier in the play. There are many emotions in the extract that show this feeling quite visibly, that can be explored. John shows great effort to show a keen interest in the meal provided by Elizabeth and other aspects of their day-to-day lives. Firstly when John hears the food is rabbit he quickly jumps in saying, 'Oh is it! In Jonathans trap.' This is his way to share …show more content…

John's speech is, as first recognised, the effort behind there basic but intriguing interaction. His manner of speech can only be described as light hearted, comical, very humble and with some degree of affection, which would lead to one believing that he doesn't want to do any wrong to disturb his wife. This being despite the fact that he seems to be a disturbance to her through out the piece. Notice this at the begging of the extract when John first arrives, and she immediately begins interrogating him, 'What keeps you so late, it's almost dark.' His humbleness can be picked up on when he requests for the cider, and he asks, 'as gently as he can,' almost as he would if walking across eggshells. John's actions also depict the way he feels about his wife as he is said to 'kiss her.' The kiss is however taken by Elizabeth, as opposed to have joint in kiss. Which John picks up on as he returns to the table, 'with a certain Disappointment.' One can't help to get the feeling that Elizabeth, really does want to relax in the presence of her husband but her self-respect is restricting her, due to previous issues in the play. Evidence for this is the way in which John manages to make her blush, when complimenting on the stew, her responding, 'I took great care, she's tender?' this small interaction is the only real human relaxed interaction

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