Analysis of the Film G.I. Jane Directed by Ridly Scott Essay

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G.I. Jane, a film by Ridley Scott, tells the story of Jordan O’Neill, a female Lieutenant, handpicked to be the test subject for a new full gender integrated service in the Navy Seals Cross Reconnaissance Team. O’Neill is given the assignment but not expected to succeed. Historically, more than 60% percent of men dropout in training due to its grueling inhuman regime. Previously, O’Neill had tried enlisting into the military service during a time of war, but had been denied due to the “lack of female restroom onboard the submarine”. The sexist experience she encountered fueled her to accept the Navy Seals recruitment and vowed to complete it no matter what rigorous training it entailed. O’Neill saw this as her chance to change the …show more content…

She makes the decision to move into the men’s dorms to further prove that she does not expect any special treatment. O’Neil goes as far as shaving off her hair to present a stronger appearance to her peers. Regardless of the numerous steps she takes to further prove herself, she is still not given the merit or recognition that she deserves.
After completing the most challenging part of her training, O’Neil is called in to speak to the Navy Seals’ Commanding Officer. She is told that she was caught engaging in unacceptable acts through photographs taken of her with other females. Although innocent, she is accused of wrongdoing and her actions are deemed “conduct unbecoming”. Without so much as a discussion, she is dismissed from the Nay Seals training program for supposedly engaging in lesbian acts. The Commanding Officer is quick to remove her from her current position and as a consolation, offers her a desk job with hopes of sticking her back in to a gender-confined role. O’Neil turns down his offer and decides to go back home. Upon arrival, her boyfriend confesses to her that initially he was rooting for her to fail, so he could protect her and she could be at home safe. Again, this supports the stereotype that males have regarding having a more protective role in heterosexual relationships.
Angered by her dismissal, O’Neill investigates who was responsible for

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