Analysis of the Myall Creek Massacre

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Throughout history, mass murders and deaths have proved to be a negative aspect of the cultures in which they occur. The Myall Creek Massacre is no different in this regard. The massacre, much like its American counterparts during much of the slavery period, is a depressing example of faulty reasoning. Subsequently, generations have suffered as a result of the terrible incidents and though processed that prevailed during this time period. What is alarming is that many of the horrific incidents that occurring during this period was undocumented. There is no method by which researchers can determine how many aboriginal individuals were murdered as a direct result of the white supremacy crusade. The number, I would venture to say, is staggering. Although unique, the massacre has many common themes that are the foundation of many mass murders in history. Namely, the characteristics of retaliation, racial supremacy and fear are widespread in regards to the Myall Creek Massacre. These characteristics provided the foundation by which these actions were justified. It is my belief however, that these actions had no merit to them. The taking of innocent life, irrespective of the justification is wrong. The Myall Creek Massacre was just one of many massacres that took place in the Liverpool Plains around a time when African Americans were thought to be inferior to those of their white counterparts. There were many other massacres that took place right across the colony as it

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