A Farewell To Arms Catherine's Passion

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In the book A Farewell to Arms, Catherine's passion for her values and motivations prove to, not only direct her, but direct Henry towards a fulfilled life. Catherine had an intense desire for love, dedication, and redemption. Through her love, she convinces Henry to live his life in a zealous way and take risks for a good cause. As a result of her dedication to a loved one, her liberating relationship is prolonged. Catherine's yearning for redemption drives Henry to commit to their love. Also it helps her repair her void of lost love. Love helps them get though the war and work up the courage to run away. She is able to share her passion with Henry, which makes him find contentment within his life. Catherine, in mourning for her dead fiancé, seduces Henry to distance herself from the pain of his death. Similarly, Henry attempts to stop the talk about war. Henry and Catherine discover comfort with each other from the war that haunts them. In a conversation, Catherine says, "You're just mine. That's true and you've never belonged to any one else. But I don't care if you have. I'm not afraid of them(105)." In this line, she is expressing her intense love for Henry and how their love can only be found in them. Catherine's courage to take a chance on their love galvanized Henry to do what makes him happy. Her choices to get involved with Henry compel him to also take a chance on love. When Henry recognizes how serious his love for Catherine is, his new values eradicate his

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