Analysis of the Play Candide Essay

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In Act One of Candide, there is four scenes, the first scene is entitled Westphalia, when the scene is first introduced the music has a happy sound, similar to that of circus music and as the introduction goes on the music goes from an allegro tempo to a peaceful and dream like piano sound and grave tempo. As the music continues to come in the lights continue to brighten on stage as well as if the music and lights are tied together. As the cast came out they performed the opening song during this song they harmonized really well. In Scene One the audience is introduced to the Baron and Baroness of Westphalia, Baron Thunder-ton-Tronck and Baroness; the Baron is a baritone, his voice is low but not low enough to be a bass; the Baroness is a …show more content…

During a later part of Scene Two when the cast is dancing the movements match the music, they appeared to be doing the Waltz, so the music had abrupt changes. In Scene Three: Cadiz, the orchestra plays some sad and somber music at the beginning. As the scene progresses the music goes from dark and dismal to happy and cheerful. During one of the songs of Scene Four: Paris the Old Lady, Cunegonde and Candide were discussing a flight and the music being played by the orchestra matched the lyrics bringing the idea of a flight to life. The Old Lady has a mezzo soprano voice she executes all of her notes well in the song. At the end of scene three Candide, Cunegonde, and the Old Lady leave to go to a new place and in the song they sing there are rounds, which were well executed. It helped change the mood again which brightened up the audience. In Act Two, Scene One: Buenos Aires, the music has a fast tempo and the music is being played at a forte level, as the music continues it suddenly softens to piano and the tempo slows down. Later in the scene during one of the songs you could hear a washing board being played which added a new sound to the music the audience was hearing. When the audience is being introduced to the Commander, a song that has a Spanish sound is

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