Analysis of the Poem Crossings, by Judith Ortiz Cofer

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The theme of poem “Crossings,” by Judith Ortiz Cofer is evaluating and reacting upon the tough decisions that come up in life. The cracks represent the flaws you can find and the inevitable accidents that will occur. “But each day more and more fissures / crisscross your path, and like the lines/ on your palms, they mean something.” (6-8) These lines show that each days more incidents and troubles, “the fissures”, will come up in your life, the bad things will happen in your life time, “crisscross your path, and like the lines on your palms, they mean something,” however, every time you experience a bad accident or disaster, which it seems at the time, you will learn something. It also seems like fate is a big theme in this piece and the human reaction to fate’s doings. On lines 8 and 9, “on your palms, they mean something/ you cannot decipher,” shows fate’s working in manufacturing these cracks. What they incidents mean, or what you can learn from them however, is still a mystery because it is brought on by fate, such as the example of lines on your palms, and how some people believe they are a representation of one’s future. The lines “Finally you must choose between / standing still in the one solid spot / you have found, or you keep moving / and take the risk: / Break your mother’s back.” (10-14) show the choices humans have to make in relation to the events brought on like fate. This poem describes that like in Romeo and Juliet fate isn’t just responsible for Romeo and

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