Analysis of two poems; Prayer Before Birth and Easter Monday

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Analysis of two poems; Prayer Before Birth and Easter Monday

In this essay I will be analysing two poems. Both poems reflect upon the theme of war. I will be analysing them through their meanings, forms and show how the poets use language to express their ideas and feelings. I have decided to look at the poems Prayer Before Birth by
Louis MacNeice and Easter Monday by Eleanor Farjeon.

Louis MacNeice was born in 1907, he died in 1963. His mother died when he was young and her death got to him deeply. He studied at Oxford and was one of a group of poets here who became famous. He was intensely affected by the political events of the 1930’s and also by the Second
World War. This poem is about an unborn child praying that it
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What he prays for is to be an individual human being in a world where people respect each other and show human kindness. If the world can’t be like that
‘otherwise kill me’.

Prayer Before Birth is a poem of eight verses written in a very unusual form with a contrasting number of lines in each verse from two to ten which creates a varied rhythmic affect, this is a prayer and it to has ritualistic quality with the phrase ‘I am not yet born’ beginning in each verse apart from the last. He uses many language techniques to put across his feelings. Similes are one of them; “like water”, the use of this is that it creates an image. He also uses repetition this is used to make a point.

Eleanor Farjeon was born in 1881, she died in 1965. She wrote for children and wrote poetry for adults. Many of her poetry for adults are sonnets. She went through the Second World War and this is what she talks about in many of her poems. She met another poet with whom she fell in love. His name was Edward Thomas and he was killed in action at war in 1917. This is whom this poem is about. She was a friend of both Thomas and his wife Helen and the wife new and accepted the relationship of Thomas and Eleanor. The poem is a poem in which she expresses great love and a great sense of loss, but she does it in a very quiet,

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