Analysis on The Other Wes Moore

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The Other Wes Moore The Other Wes Moore is a book about two children with similar lifestyles when they were growing up and the same names, but ending up in different places in their lives. The story is about the other Wes Moore, who was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to life imprisonment and Wes Moore, the author, who faces poverty and has an ambition of receiving proper education (Moore, 2012). Wes Moore grew up in poor conditions, where he and his small family barely made ends meet. Wes tried his best to stay strong despite all the misfortune things in his life, and struggled through days looking for the light at the end of tunnel. Years later, Wes Moore heads to a private school where he learns at a steady pace and passes classes. Later on, when his life at home becomes unbearable and he is unable to keep up with school, Wes Moore drops out of private school (Moore, 2011). However, he remains focused and determined not to continue living in poverty. Hence, he makes up his mind that he must get educated one way or another. He then decides to join the school of military and then be enlisted in the armed forces. At the beginning, it seemed as if he was not cut out for the armed forces, but he found acceptance was with time. After being involved in war, he toughened up (CW, 2010). After he served his time in the war, Wes left the military as a veteran and got into business while pursuing all the opportunities that he could get. The book also talks about

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