Analysis on The Rush from Non-Judgment by Theordore Dalymple Essay

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In the article "The Rush from Judgement," Theordore Dalrymple argues that refraining from making judgements creates an unhealthy society. Judgements are usually evaluations of certain behaviors or ideas. Dalrmple believes that those who refrain from making judgments practice self deception. Self deception is the generally defined as the practice of deceiving oneself, which in turn hinders us from attaining self knowledge. The number one problem associated with self deception is that it has the capability of creating moral dilemmas, such that people use it as a "prophylactic against leaning from experience," according to Dalrymple. Because one knowingly deceives oneself into believing something even in the face of strong evidence to …show more content…

In this one case alone we can track this incidence from the mother all the way to the role society played. First, the patient had three children from three different fathers, all of whom did not provide any support for her. The first father could have been written off as bad judgment, but to attempt to write off three would be an injustice to her. It is evident due to some emotional attachment to the idea of not wanting to be alone she was able to rationalize her decisions based on that concept. Because of self deception she refused to even entertain the thought of whether these man had any qualities that would make good fathers. Had she not refrained from making judgement on these man father the first father she would have been able to recognize the signs that this man might not make a good father in a nutshell she would have been able to learn from her prior mistakes. However, father she decides to better herself and her children we see society impede this improvement. After she is hospitalized, Social Services sent the two year old to live with his father whose daily routine consisted of a life of "drinking, whoring and fighting." Enlight of all the evidence pointing to a bad home situation Social Services stated "it was wrong to pass judgement on a man like this." The contradiction however is shown after the father and his girlfriend kill the two year old and as a result

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