Analytical Failure Of Iraq During Persian Gulf War

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Analytical Failure of Iraq in Persian Gulf War Affiliation Student’s Name Introduction Failures analysis is the process of gathering data and information in order to find the cause of failure especially when the goal had been set. Analytical failure of war, on the other hand, is failures by decision making bodies to make appropriate decision which will lead to victory. This failures occurs when military and political leaders come up with war strategies which when implemented leads to failures or losses. War analytical failures are always attributed to lack of sufficient intelligence information about the opponents, failure to predict possible long term consequences, having misleading information, poor leadership and overreliance on weapons without knowing their weakness. In contrast, however, military disaster can befall some territories, irrespective well informed their generals are, because of weakness in their abilities. Super powerful countries may also face the same problem because their leaders may misperceive on coming warnings and threats or make poor calculations in the way they respond to possible catastrophic dangers1. Strategic intelligence is essential in making the most appropriate decisions when it comes to defense policies. There should be proper gathering, analysis and appreciations of pertinent and factual data. In most intelligence failures, problems always starts with collection of data from the ground by professionals who then analyses

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