Analyzing Brain Function Using Voxel -based Morphometric Scanning Method Essay

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Analyzing brain Function Using Voxel –Based Morphometric Scanning Method
A recent study shows, two groups of students, one group is comprised of 21 art students, and the other group consisted of 23 non artists. The process used to analyze brain function is known as voxel –based morphometric scanning method. The first group observed, was the artists group. They two variables of interest that were observed, was their drawing ability. This encompasses their overall ability to construct 3 dimensional objects, and draw them with 3D perspective, to include a viewpoint, edges, and corners. (See figure 2) The other interest of area studied, was whether the participant was an art student, or belonged to the group that belonged to the art group. The art students, and non- art students were shown to have large differences. The research concluded that the group of students that were artists, had a substantially more mass or gray matter in the parietal lobe’s peroneus area. According to Chamberlain, this part of the brain I most likely inked to creativity and visual imagery. This part of the brain helps the artist to manipulate objects in their brain, and help them to take it apart in order to understand its basic foundations. When comparing these two groups, according to ( Makuuchi et al. (2003), Miall et al. (2009) and Schlegal et al(2012) , research shows that the regions of the brain that are associated with visual-spatial and motor processing, are shown to be not only

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