Analyzing Mai 's Biography On Beethoven

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David Nguyen MUSC 501B 2/11/2014 Emily Wuchner Analyzing Mai’s Biography on Beethoven To find information on an important figure in history, biographies the source we go to. There are many benefits learning from these sources, but it could also be a mis-interpreted opinion on the author. The context is also different from our time to the context of the person of study. In terms of Diagnosing A Genius The Life and Death of Beethoven by Francois Martin Mai, the book provides plenty of information on the composers that examines Beethoven’s life in a physical and mental health standpoint rather than the impact of his music; music is only stated surrounding these aspect of his life.1 Mai gives information to try to answer …show more content…

First Chapter being the overall setting around Beethoven’s Life, second chapter is brief biography on Beethoven’s life, third chapter on Beethoven’s health, and fourth Chapter Mai’ depicting interpretation of past and in a present context, and the Last chapter is a combination with illness and creativity. To understand Beethoven creative process book insist to know where the the artistic climate left off and political context. It gives a general understanding for readers who do not know much about Beethoven. The First chapter called titled the “Setting” gives a broad aspect of the political and social setting of Beethoven life. Mai introduces the first chapter with a part of a letter by Waldstein to Beethoven stating that Beethoven would be the next Mozart learning from Haydn. Following that information explains Beethoven’s Eroica Symphony No.3 and the relationship with Napoleon Bonaparte.3 This part of the book seems to be more geared to people that have little knowledge of Beethoven by comparing this piece on par with the skill of Mozart, by picking accessible, but still great piece to attract the reader. Following Napoleon Subject, Mai goes on to talk about the artistic environment called “The Enlightenment” and how it followed composer Bach and Handel to Haydn and Mozart. Beethoven being involved in both with these situation, it is good on Mai’s part to include this in the book so reader could understand factors that effect

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