Analyzing Shirley Jackson's 'The Lottery'

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"The Lottery" takes place on June 27, a beautiful summer day, in a small New England village where all the residents are gathering for their traditional annual lottery. Though the event first appears festive, it soon becomes clear that no one wants to win the lottery. Tessie Hutchinson seems unconcerned about the tradition until her family draws the dreaded mark. Then she protests that the process wasn't fair. The "winner," it turns out, will be stoned to death by the remaining residents. Tessie wins, and the story closes as the villagers -- including her own family members -- begin to throw rocks at her.
Questions For Author-
How did the idea of tricking the reader come about? It seems Jackson wanted to provide a safe environment in the beginning. How the weather was and the kids playing outside. Everything seemed so peaceful and like the lottery was a good thing. Because well normally it is a good thing. The real question is, would this story be a great hit if Jackson didn’t trick the reader and make things seem different than it really was. Why has Jackson chosen common people for her characters? Could she have chosen characters from other levels of sophistication with the same effect? Just the way she picks the characters just seems odd. Is there a real reason or is this just the way things worked out? Also how did stoning become her …show more content…

How does a family member help kill their own blood. To love and care for someone and kill them because a piece of paper and a old wise tale that if they don’t draw a name their crops will die and they will all starve. The way they just follow the tradition is ridiculous. They just need to wake up and question things that are reasonable things to question. However this is normal, a lot of people follow things they don’t like or don’t believe in. This story had a lot truth and a lot of things

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