Analyzing Some of Anna Akhmatova's Poetry

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Unassuming Exuberance

Anna Akhmatova lived from 1889 to 1966 during a dark, rough time in Russia. “Everything is Plundered,” “I Am Not One of Those Who Left the Land,” and “Midnight Verses” are prime examples of Akhmatova’s symbolic literature. Akhmatova used poetry to help her overcome difficulties in life; it was a way of expressing and setting her feelings free. All of Anna Akhmatova’s poems contain a common theme that connects to her real life: though life can be rough, it is important to deal with problems and work towards acceptance. In “Midnight Verses,” the theme is dark and tumultuous. This poem is a perfect reflection of Akhmatova’s life. She faced many complications in life, but she had to accept them because she did not want to give up on her home country. Likewise, Akhmatova’s poem has an unwilling acceptance at the end. “Midnight Verses” also displays her thoughts in a very creative way. “And the signal bells of light rhymes / Then I begin to understand / And the simply dictated lines / Lie down in the snow white notebook” (Akhmatova 13-16). Throughout “Midnight Verses,” Akhmatova uses powerful imagery, making it easy to relate to her thoughts. “Everything is Plundered” is another of Akhmatova’s poems that continues to illustrate this theme. In “Everything is Plundered,” the theme of confusion and contrast in life is present. The struggles in life are portrayed throughout the poem. This poem reflects humanity’s imperfect

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