Analyzing The Beginning Of Science

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“In the beginning,”...what was in the beginning? Science is only starting to scratch the surface of our origins, but all these findings are rather recent. Humans didn’t always have carbon dating and archaeology to find answers about their past, so they had to draw their own conclusions based off of their own lifestyles. So back to the earlier question, what was in the beginning? According to the Mayans’ Popol Vuh, there was nothing. Then the existing deities, Heart of Sky and the Plumed Serpent, joined together to give themselves the power to form the Earth from the water with their words. Heart of Sky met with the Plumed Serpent, and together they agreed on the creation of man, who would maintain the Earth and worship them. So they created animals, and made them the guardians of the forest. However, when the creators ordered the animals to speak, they could only screech and howl. Frustrated, the gods allowed them to remain guardians of the forest, but decreed that they should be eaten. After this attempt, four sub deities, the Modeler, the Maker, the Begetter, and the Bearer, attempt to make humanity out of clay. However, this creation, while being humanoid, cannot sustain itself and crumbles and falls apart. Next, the wooden humans, the manikins are created, but they know no gods, and are ugly, and lead their lives without care for their environment. The manikins are eventually killed by the animals and cookery. Finally, the gods pull themselves together, and put their

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