Analyzing The Crime Patterns Generated By The First Layer And Create A Trend Analysis

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Trend analysis can be executed in layers to transform crime data. The first layer incorporated identification of incidents and crime events that require further investigation. Analyze the crime patterns generated by the first layer and create a trend analysis. MVPD will use this analysis and share the information throughout the department. MVPD will implement a policy to combat the crime or public disorder identified in the first layer. The next layer will educate the community to detail the department’s goals and commitment in addressing crime concerns. The final layer will address the tools, resources, and techniques required to forecast future crimes and deploy them to locations identified by ArcGIS. Supporting current and future policing initiatives In an attempt to support current MVPD goals and incorporate predictive policing measures, we will employ a highly trained team of competent staff members fully qualified to use ArcGIS. This team will provide a quick and rapid response to predictive policing analyses. MVPD will use this intelligence to reduce crime activity by utilizing predictive practices. MVPD will always portray a professional and ethical standard when engaging in predictive policing. Implementation of the Predictive Crime Model Forecasting crime The forecasting of crime involves outlining crime data and issues interpreted by MVPD analyst. Weekly meetings will be conducted with predictive policing analysts to summarize all statistical data

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